31 Oct

There have been several things keeping me from the kitchen these past several weeks…

*     *     *

“Sweaterman” (of Labor Day french fry fame) became my sweater-ed fiancé.  :)

v's engagement ring

photo courtesy of twin1

I’ve been painting a mural at VCMC with some classmates.

VCMC mural

A piece of the mural in room 302 at VCMC

I actually didn’t work on this part at all.  On second thought, I may have painted some sky here.

Midterms and post-midterm homework has been killer.  I had to make an emergency run to Michael’s for some cardstock to keep me busy when computer issues kept me from homework.

paper chain

A paper chain to count down!

To make the passing days a little more fun.

*     *     *

In other news, twin1 visited us this weekend!

We went to the mall and helped out at a lovely friend’s wedding and ate leftover tri tip and generally acted like we’d never been apart.


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