Just add…

12 Jun

the usual: red food coloring, cocoa powder, semisweet and white chocolate.

And sugar.


Lots of sugar.

Cam Naz NYI’s 5th Annual Summer Olympics called for a killer dessert.  Red Velvet Brownies.  With white chocolate frosting.  Times two.

I could eat this with a spoon; it's that good.

They were a huge hit.  Good thing I made so many.

While I didn’t participate in the games, I did win an award for being an awesome judge/referee.  :)

*   *   *

I spent my morning driving all over town searching for eggs and butter and white chocolate.  Who knew white chocolate chips are a seasonal item at Trader Joe’s?!?  No one told me…

And I visited my friend Debbie at her book signing.  We are soooo excited for her. :)

It was a good day, June gloomy as it was.

♥ v

P.S. Twin 1 wants me to say something about her face, being all swollen from wisdom teeth removal.  She misses chewing.  I let her lick the frosting bowl…

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