Just add…

25 May


and peanut butter!

and more chocolate!

Yesterday we made these cookies from How Sweet It Is.  Chocolate + peanut butter = bliss.  Seriously.  I think I ate three cookies before they even went in the oven.  And waiting 4 -6 hours for the dough to refrigerate? Sooo didn’t happen.  They were still tasty.

Our kitchen being the oddly stocked one that it is, we used regular cocoa powder from Trader Joe’s and a combination of bittersweet and mini semisweet chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips.

Then twin 1 ran off with a sheet of cookies.  Like walked out of the door with a pot holder holding a cookie sheet fresh from the oven.  Talk about bake and run.

Look! She had time for one picture before running off to swim with friends.

We’ve already had requests to make them again.  Maybe this time we’ll follow the directions.  And use dark cocoa powder.  And more peanut butter; the guys around here are peanut butter fiends.

♥ v

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