Just add…

24 May

More lemons!

…and chocolate!

I’m sure you thought I wouldn’t touch another lemon for at least a week but….we made Lemon Meringue Pie last night after dinner. We had Louisiana Hot Links (they might burn your lips off but they are SO tasty!).

Yum! Best lunch/dinner for inclement weather :)

And then pie for dessert. There really is nothing better than a fresh warm pie :) especially with friends while watching Secondhand Lions.

“You bought a used lion?!”

ha ha ha :)

So today is for washing dishes and eating leftover pie and cheesecake for lunch. Then making something involving lots of sugar and chocolate and hopefully peanut butter.

Exciting things that happened:

1) the new PetSmart had their soft opening! It was so hard not to buy a betta fish or some birds or a cute mouse or dwarf hamster!

2) I found a new favorite flavor combo at Coldstone :) Cheesecake ice cream with raspberries! oh wow, so delicious!

It didn't look quite like this, but you get the idea :) (photo from simplecomfortfood.com)

We’ll keep you posted :)

♥ k

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