Just add…

19 May


or sugar…

or butter…

But back to all that later. First, here is a bit of a “teaser bio” :

         For co-writers and identical twins, k and v, baking was a way of life long before they turned their passion for the sweeter side of life into an awesome blog by starting k + v in the spring of 2011. It began in their home kitchen with weekend projects, testing and tweaking new recipes, using any excuse to turn on the oven, from birthdays to Tuesdays. Their love of chocolate and fresh citrus and peanut butter and sugar and roasted pecans and rainbow sprinkles is evident in k + v blog, daily/weekly entry specials reflect their newest inspiration. Their goal? To brighten your day with something sweet, made just for you. 

So… Today we made three quarts (12 cups!!) of Lemon Curd for the baker friend. Apparently he is doing a HUGE wedding this weekend and, because only the best will do, he asked me to make the filling. (btw: Congrats happy couple!) It is now cooling on the counter while I write our first blog entry…

The lemons. And the curd.

Sweet right? Now off the artist brother’s show!

♥ k


One Response to “Just add…”

  1. Ian May 19, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    I’m looking forward to being regaled with tales of deliciousness. :)

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